Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Large Layered Boutique Bows

I have had so much fun making these bows. Many are inspired by custom work for others, bows for my daughters wardrobe, and playing around with matching colors for printed ribbon. I hope you love them just as much as I do!

Red/Green/White Christmas Bow 2009 -- $4.00.

Hot pink over golden yellow layered boutique bow with fuschia surrounding loop -- $3.50.

Hot pink/pink/lavender/purple striped boutique bow with pink surrounding loop -- $4.00.

Navy blue boutique bow with white surround loop over white with green & red accents -- $4.00.

Hot pink boutique bow over brown with green/blue/orange accents -- $4.00.

The color blender stripes and dots bow -- $4.00.

Perfect summer colors bow (maize yellow bow over hot pink with lime green and orange accents) -- $4.00.

The Most Totally Awesomest Patriotic Bow Ever -- $4.50.

Large Yellow, White and Blue Layered Boutique Bow -- $4.00.

Large Brown and Cream Paisley Layered Boutique Bow -- $4.00.

Large Jade Blue with Brown Accents over Brown/Jade Dot Layered Bow -- $4.00.

Large Pink and Brown (with Stripes) Layered Bow -- $4.00.

Large Pink and Brown (with Pink Dots on Bottom Layer) Layered Bow -- $4.00.

Large Aqua over Lilac Purple Layered Boutique Bow with Lavender and White Accents -- $4.00.

Large Lilac over Coral Layered Boutique Bow with Blue and Green Accents -- $4.00.

Large Double Layered Boutique Bow with Sheer Black and Blue Flowers over Light Blue -- $4.00.

Large Aqua and Teal Blue Layered Boutique Bow -- $4.25.

Large Aqua with Brown Accents Layered Boutique Bow -- $4.00.

Large Multi-Purple Shade Layered Boutique Bow (Lavender, Plum and Lilac) -- $4.00.


  1. Those bows are so cute! As an aside , I just wann bite her little arms :-)

  2. Your bows are so cute! I'm just learning to make them myself, so I am way impressed with your skills!

  3. i was just wondering how you buy your bows! there are so many i would love to buy! my email is!! thanks!