Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Loopy Boutique Bows

Multi-colored flower print boutique bow over aqua bow with aqua accents -- $3.00.

Hot Pink Boutique Bow with overlayed Hot Pink & Green Striped Ribbon over Lime Green Accents -- $3.25.

Double blue over pink loopy bow with tails down with pink knotted center -- $3.00 ** I love this color combination, but I can remake this bow using and 2 requested colors.

Green with brown dot mini boutique bow over brown ribbon X -- $1.50.

Single purple boutique bow with green and lavender accents -- $2.25.

Single navy boutique bow with sheer (blue/yellow plaid design), white and silver accents -- $2.25.

Small pink boutique bow over brown & white accents -- $2.25.

The "Lucky" Boutique Bow - white with black dot boutique bow with tails with black & white dot surrounding loop over black & white accents -- $3.00.
Single large green with pink dot boutique bow with tails down & pink knotted center -- $3.00.

Single pink boutique bow with hot pink & red/white/pink checked ribbon X's -- $2.25.

Blue loopy bow with small hot pink and small brown (with pink/white/brown) loopy bows overlayed all over a brown ribbon X -- $4.00.

Yellow loopy bow with white/teal/yellow plaid sheer loopy bow overlayed & teal ribbon tie-down -- $2.50.

Is it summer yet? Yellow loopy bow w/ white overlayed loopy bow all on a green/white/orange/yellow striped ribbon X -- $3.00.

Black loopy bow with overlayed small black/white dot loopy bow over a black ribbon X -- $3.00.

White loopy bow with pink overlay & jewel center - about 3 1/4 inches across -- $2.50.